Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Here - Just somewhere else

We have moved house recently.
I didn't have the time before we got here (with the working away from home, packing a house that we were still renovating, kid wrangling, the Mr needing to stay at the old place to finish it whilst the small people and I settled into and unpacked our stuff into the new one) to really contemplate the connections that I had developed with my local community, my neighbours and their kids, the parks (Oh how I loved the ability to escape - on foot with the kids to a park when the 'crazy hour' descended upon us).

I am the 'new kid in school' now in my new community.
The new kid who really wants to make some friends.
The new kid who now understands the enormity of what and whom she/they all left behind when seeking a lifestyle and environment that feels better.

Whilst I am so grateful for the relationships I developed at the old place, I am even more so for the fledgling relationships that are forming within my new one.

Blogging has enabled me to 'speak' to people who live in my new area - prior to me getting here. I asked some bloggers who lived here about the area, did they move here, did they grow up here, what are the schools, the kindergartens, child care, play areas etc like. All of these conversations took place via email and all because I started to blog, to read and comment on other blogs.

A few weeks after getting here I received an email from this woman asking "are you here yet? When can we have a cuppa"?
We arranged a time and she arrived with a basketful of home grown goodness.

These are just a wee sample of the supremely excellent biodynamic garlic that Beck grows - It is without doubt the best garlic I've ever had the pleasure of cooking with and eating!

The gift of such goodness was awesome enough but the thought and the generosity and the gesture of reaching out to an almost stranger made my belly flip and humbles me still.

I was invited to come along to a craft group! - which I will most definitely do whenever the work thing does not prevent me from going.

This is not my usual 'style' of blogging - I am usually - mostly about the crafty stuff with a bit of waffle thrown in but, given the wonderful support and offers of friendship that have come my way through blogging I felt I would like to say a massive face splitting smiling 'Thank-You' to both Beck and Kate.

On a crafty note - I am still learning how to knit some 'bowls' (I am gifted in the art of undoing knitting, dropping stitches and also adding stitches when I shouldn't have) and I have been planning a world of felted creatures who are yet to take form...
Soon, soon I will find my stash (under the mountain of still not unpacked boxes) and create a new beginning.