Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wardrobe Re-Worked!

I saw an advertisement from my local neighbourhood house for this "the Sustainable stylist Re-Work You Wardrobe" and I was compelled to go.
I went along to the 5 hour class with my back pack full of old clothes, clothes that I no longer wore but did not want to throw away. Clothes that I knew had the potential to become something else but also needed someone with more vision than me.

Kim Kneipp's class was a wonderful way to spend the day.

I met three really lovely women who were all of like mind when it came to their clothes - that is, we needed help with re-working them into something ace, something we would wear a lot and something we saw no point in adding to the masses of clothing that become landfill when no longer fashionable-fitting well-or longer our style.

We were all welcomed into Kim's studio, warmed by the burning fire and shared enthusiasm of each-others soon to be 'new' clothes'.

Last year I found this gorgeous pure wool pale green/grey winter coat at a market for $6!!!!!
It was too big, too short in the sleeve and had no shape - or rather it did not suit my shape.
I had moved up into the hills where it gets ridiculously cold I knew I could use a coat like this.
I required some 'help' and this is where Kim's class fitted in nicely to the mysterious ways of the world.
After much trying on , draping pinning, tucking, and wonderful tips and style help from Kim and the girls, I came away with these.
I still need to do a bit more work on them but I am so inspired to more to other items.
I absolutlely love the idea of shopping within my own wardrobe and re-working wat I already own.

Thanks Kim and thanks also to Claire, Louise and Sue.
I can't wait for the next sewing day.

See who else has things to show and tell today over here.