Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My (small girl's) Creative Space

My beautiful small girl has been watching me create 'stuff' for her entire four years now.

In the lead up to her birthday she requested a "sewing box with cottons and needles for sewing and we can do sewing and you can show me".

So as the fourth birthday approached we went out and found the sewing box of her choosing.

I then filled it with some tapestry wool of varying colours, some plastic 'needles', safety scissors and sequins (apparently they are very much needed by 4 yo girls, I am still not sure why).

Upon the first request to do some sewing I asked the small girl to draw what ever she liked on to a piece of felt, she drew her family.
Small girl, Mummy, small boy, the Mr and the dog*

Threading the needle... This proved a wee bit tricky for little fingers so I 'helped'.

SO with the drawing or 'outline' on the felt I set about with great enthusiasm showing her how to 'sew'.
Poke the needle in, push it through and pull the wool through....anyway you get the idea.

I notice my child's eyes have glazed over, a vacant stare revealing her disinterest, her mind taking her away on some other not so boring kind of adventure.... until she spies the pot of sequins....Shiny, coloured, sparkly teasing alluring sequins.

It was at this time she proceeded to lick them and stick them on her face, arms and legs...

There is now a daily requst to do some 'sewing', which naturally, involves playing with sequins.

I am sure I know who will be completing the 'family picture' for the small girl's first sewing adventure.

Head over to Kirsty's to see who else has some creative 'stuff' to show and tell.


* The dog (Graeme) is the six legged creature, second from the left.
By the way... the picture above is small girl "knitting"

Tea Set Luck

Quite a while ago now I stumbled across a great blog called Dragonfly Interiors I was lucky enough to find it on the day they were having a 'give away'.

'Uber' lucky as it turned out as, I won this oh so lovely tea set.

My daughter still thinks it it for her to 'play' with and can't quite understand why I say that "at this point it is mine to 'play' with".

Thanks again to both Karen and Patsy.

Head over to Karen's blog or web site to see the great items that she imports from both Vietnam and Thailand.

Items such as these and many many more.

With Karen's dragonfly obsession in mind I made her this.....

And Patsy will get this.....

and I clearly need a new 'chuck it in the bag handy camera as this wee one no longer will focus!

Have a great day.


*** Apologies for earlier posting without checking to see if it had all 'worked'...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Creative Space - Formula Tin Toy

Gift giving always makes me feel good.
I feel even better when I have made the gift and I feel especially really good when I have made from re-cycled stuff.
For my Son's first Christmas I made him a toy.

I had noticed that he was getting to that "posting" stage of development e.g. putting things into holes, slots, DVD/CD players that don't naturally go there...

Christmas was fast approaching and still I had made nothing for him.

With the 'postings' in mind and bread in the video player, an idea found me.

I got a formula tin from my friend.

I got the older Sister to do some painting.

Inked and stamped their feet on to the dried painting.

Put a protective clear plastic self adhesive coating onto the painting and attached it to the tin.

I cut a circular hole in the lid.

Purchased a bag of wooden dolly pegs

And finally I advised the Mr that it would be a more meaningful gift for our Son if we were to both (be up late at night as the children slept dreaming of all things Christmas) be painting the pegs.

My Son has just had his second birthday, he still loves this toy as does our daughter. It gave him loads of pleasure picking up the dolls, turning them right way up and then dropping them into the hole...Magically disappearing! Picking them up, turning them right way up(an interesting little trait of his that things must be 'right way up') and putting them into the hole.... and repeat..

The look on his face was/is priceless.
Developmentally, this toy will help build hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, reasoning and more.

But basically it is fun, easy, and kids love it.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Family

Recently I read a post that asked the question "what makes a family". I posted my response in the appropriate section and merrily went on my blog hopping way.

That question and the thoughts that come with it began rattling about my head again recently as I was asked to make 'a family' of dolls for a friend.

I replied to my friend "I'd love to but, what does 'a family' mean to you? "

My friends response was beautiful and inclusive of all but, she said, "I can't fit everyone in the dolls house so could you just make a Dad, a Mum, a boy and a girl and a dog please".

So I did.

To keep this great dialogue going.....What does ' a family mean to you'?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Messenger Bag-MADE!

Back in July I stumbled upon some links to bag patterns thanks to Sandra.

I loved the idea of making a bag from scratch and then came the flood of thoughts of "oohh I could make all sorts of bags for the family and friends for Christmas, birthdays etc" and off I went on my imaginary bag making creative explosion.

The minor snag being that I hadn't quite made friends with the machine yet - in fact I still don't know if we are friends, but 'it' didn't sew my finger this time so I think we are making progress.

Armed with the tutorial/bag pattern of my choice 'the basic messenger bag', I went hunting for fabric.
It is my preference (where possible) to use stuff that has already had some type of a life, so I went to my local 'op-shop' and found some old upholstery fabric.
Whilst I was there I also bought 20 pre-used zips for $1.00! I am not sure why (since I don't know how to put them in), I just thought I could use them at some point in my creative future.

This is where my bag making adventure came to a halt - I got a bit scared by the whole 'following a pattern' (of sorts) idea, and the technicality of machine sewing - given that I am most comfortable with a needle in hand (for felting or hand sewing).

As always, I was encouraged by the 'sew-wise' Nikki to just 'have a go'.

So I did.

I measured, cut, interfaced (that was a whole language learning curve in itself).

Then I embellished.

This is what can happen when you sit cross legged with you embroidery on your knees as you sew!
Whilst the fabric seemed thick and strong enough I worried about the general shape of the bag once it was loaded up with the secret business of woman.
Upon discussing this issue with Nikki-sew-wise - I was sent a link for a bag base tutorial using template plastic.

For this I am very grateful to both Nikki's.

So here it is my very first bag.

As I was so pleased with my attempts so far I thought I push it a bit further...I added on a zip!

Ta Da!

I am ridiculously proud of it - and grateful the machine didn't bite me again!.