Friday, March 26, 2010

Giraffe - V's small boy

He used to be a long lean tree munching machine. Meandering and traversing the Savannah with few predators to take up the precious thinking space in his head. The only thoughts (possibly) being "where's my next tree" and "don't bend your neck down for too long".

But, then he came to my house. Or, more specifically to my small boy.
He was a hand made first birthday gift from my Sister to my small boy.

Who loved him so much, he now has a broken neck.

Whilst I do think this new pose gives 'Rafi' a permanently quizzical and interested look. The small boy believes that 'Rafi's' head is feeling poorly and needs some medicine.

"Poor Rafi" (poor me) - me thinks, Rafi can't be repaired and will have to be re-made - at night when the small boy is sleeping lest he see the horror of his beloved 'Rafi' be taken apart.

After I acquire some lovely new hand dyed wool felt from Trudi's oh so lovely new Etsy shop 'Me and Ewe' (please go there and you'll see why I love felt) I will be ready to begin.

I may even make a family of 'Rafi's' - industrial strength Rafi's at that (and this time they may even have some 'Giraffe like patterns/colouring' upon their lovely coats and some serious leg reinforcements to avoid the 'splaying leg pose' - which I note, is quite a normal thing for a Giraffe to do - just not all the time).