Saturday, November 27, 2010

The View From Here

It's hard to go out side and play when your world is looking like this.
I dont want to be in the garden today.
I want to be in bed with a great book, snoozing, all warm and toasty and relaxed.

The reality is that I am very much awake, inside and house bound with two small people and one large man and a wet Labrador named 'Graeme'.

We are not visiting the Daylesford show as planned.
We are not planting new things in the vege patch.
We are not going for the family walk or bike ride as we had thought..
The small people are not carrying out their favourite "I'm bored activity" - which is to paint my garden shed - however they choose.

We are inside.

Trapped by the relentless onslaught of heavy 'Im here for the week - so perish any thought of drying your washing, being outside, feeling the sun on your face.. kind of rain

We are inside.
Watching a window leak.
Watching to two small people swing from polar opposites of behaviour - friendly, happy, confident co-operative play one minute to rolling on the floor, a tangled mess of leg and arm spaghetti punctuated by squeals and yelling 'give it back' /'that's mine' /"MUMMY-DADDY".

I have got to read some of my favourite blogs - between refereeing the small people.
I have got to 'window shop-online' for some Christmas things.

I want my daydream to become reality - just for a while.
Perhaps until the rain stops.
How do you deal with this kind of rain when you have small people inside? I'd love some ideas.