Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rafi -repairs update

It has arrived!
The beeep beep beeeeeep of the postman's motorbike heralded the arrival of a parcel at Pippiwillow HQ last week.

After much agonising over which colour to choose to re-create 'Rafi' - I had to choose two.

The beautiful hand dyed wool felt that Trudi at Me & Ewe makes and sells is just so lovely, I really couldn't choose just one colour so, I chose two. I am quite proud that I could stop at two...for now.

These are the colours that I have chosen.

A gorgeous camel-esque colour and a rusty colour. I may dry/needle felt the spots on or I may not. I will have to see how they look once they 'come to life'.

So, now as the weather is cooler and the night comes earlier I feel my creative 'mojo' (?'sewjo') starting to bubble beneath the surface.

As I now have two colours for Rafi - I will make a family of them and give the small boy a great surprise - he really misses his Rafi.

Does anyone else become more 'in the mood' to sew and create when the weather turns? What do you create? Are you of the sewing machine persuasion? or perhaps a knitter?

I end up with so many projects on the go I often have half finished creations and bigger plans for more before I've finished the first one.