Monday, June 8, 2009

Maggie's Blanket

I bought an ace red blanket from Savers with the intention of making something for my daughter- but what?

I unexpectedly found myself having sometime to sew (as opposed to the usual and never ceasing household duties) as my daughter and I were at "sleep school" AGAIN..

I wanted to combine something of mine (scrap pieces of material from past sewing endeavours that had too much potential to throw out), something of hers (I cut out a butterfly shape from one of her old-washed flannelette nappies) and something new (the savers blanket). Then off I went arranging the bits of material as I wanted them and then blanket stitching them in place.

Once the butterfly was done, I sewed it into place on the rug but, it looked a bit lonely and lost.
Flowers! go with butterflies, so on they went too.

I am still pretty pleased with it visually and emotionally it gave me a different focus than my screaming non sleeping child doing her second stint of sleep school.


Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

Your blanket is amazing. I love your idea of combining something of yours with something of Maggies... and something new. It's beautiful.

Treacle Beak said...

Congrats Peta on your gorgeous header (love the mushie), your first blog entry and Maggie's beautiful blanket!

Tania said...

Hey there, welcome to blogland! Glad to hear the crafty thing kept your mind from the nightmarish sleep school malarkey. Trust everyone is sleeping soundly tonight!