Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Dodo's

My small girl started Kinder this year, and is loving it.
Which was quite a relief as I had envisaged weeks of unsettled-ness, and masses of anxiety for all of us at drop off time....Nope, the only tears were mine on the first day at drop off time.

Kinder is a learning curve for us all.

We are completely new to the area and it seemed (then) that most of the other Mums/Dads knew each other well and were happily milling about chatting and quietly spying on their kids through the artwork peppered windows.

Whilst my daughter had found several new friends to chat to about entirely important 4 yr. old stuff, I stood there all on my own..with my sun glasses on , tears rolling down my face and listening to the other parents arrange to meet down the road for coffee...I drove home all sad wondering how long it would take me to make some friends too.

Not long!

This is a great town with such a strong sense of community, we have been welcomed entirely.
I no longer feel sad or lonely or friend-less at drop off time. Or any other time for that matter and I have learnt things about me during this process too.

So, I kept that Kinder' /community spirit in mind when the kinder teacher asked if I would make some teaching aids for the kinder I said "sure".

I was given this book,
Which, is a 'counting up to ten book'.
Each number has a picture of a specific species of an endangered animal.
For example, there are nine dolphins. - So I made nine Dolphins from felt.

On the last page of the book (as the title suggests) there is no picture, as there are now no Dodo's on the planet.

I was asked to make the required amount of animals for each number.
The teaching idea being that when counting with the class the teacher would stick each animal up onto a felt board.

I loved this little project on two levels.
1. I was helping the Kinder and enjoyed the process of making these felt animals.
2. The teacher was able to gently impart a really important message to the kids about our planet and its animals, our environment and the effect we people are having on them.

Go see who else has been playing show and tell in their creative spaces today over at Kirsty's.

Have a great day.


Gina said...

Yowzers, what a lot of work you must have put into that teaching aid. I love it Peta. And I love the rawness with which you write... I can imagine you crying behind your sunglasses on that first kinder day... glad you've found your home at last though.

beck said...

Great post Peta! I rode the wave of emotion there as you told the story of your..oops..her first day at kinder. I'm so glad you feel more at home now. Rosie has something for your kinder girl, lets catch up next week x

DragonflyLanternshop said...

That's so sweet!! Your creations are beautiful too :-)

Kate said...

They are gorgeous Peta! Sally must have been thrilled. What a special contribution to make to your kinder kid's class. So pleased to hear the town is treating you well. X

byebyebirdie said...

So nice to hear that your story has a happy ending! I'm sure the kinder teacher really appreciated your help too.

Karen said...

I felt so sad when I read about the first kinder day - but I am very glad your story had a happy ending and you are settling in well to your new home.
Gorgeous animals - the kinder must be very glad you (and your daughter) are there!

nerines said...

Those Pandas are so cute. What a lovely thing you did! It can be such a tough time, I'm glad things worked out. Your town sounds pretty great!

Sandrine said...

Moving is so very challenging!Looks like you are doing really well!All the best x

Sally said...

That is so wonderful. What a brilliant idea for a teaching aid.
I am so glad that you're finding your place in your new home.

Catherine said...

So lovely that your creative skills are helping your kinder (and in the long run, hopefully the planet)... and so glad that you're happy in your new home!

Fippa said...

Jeez, if that doesn't get you parent of the year award I don't know what will. Did you have to make them look so good? Couldn't the panda be cross-eyed or something?

Treacle Beak said...

Small girl's kinder is lucky to have such a talented (and willing) mummy to help with such a time-consuming project. Your animals look great. I'm sure the kids will grasp the concept much clearer now, with all those animals ... and no dodo!

The Clip Cafe said...

What a great job you did!!

JanuskieZ said...

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