Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Kinda Wonderful

Sometimes the world smiles at you, the planets align and all is ace.
Sometimes the planets are definitely not aligned and the world around me turns to mud, which is a substance I find very hard to swim in let alone wave my arm high in the air whilst simultaneously shouting "help".

During one of my brief visits to my home last week I had some time to do a bit of blog reading - I got to reading this one and thought I'd leave a comment - not to 'win' a/the prize but, because I wanted to share my small girl's funny habit that makes me smile.

The small girl's funny habit obviously appealed to the powers that be as this week I have received this package of goodness in the mail box.

Not only did Jodie send me this ace T-shirt by 'ARK' but she also and oh so generously included these patterns!

I love the idea behind the T-shirts and am really thrilled to be wearing one. And I do promise to undertake Acts of Random Kindness as often as I can.
I also promise to slow down, stop being so grown up and wrapped up in my world of 'lists of things to do' to enable me to see the beauty behind the things my small girl says and does.

So thanks a million Jodie and ARK for sharing the good humour and good vibes.
Please take a minute a have a look at the ARK website to see the great stuff they make and have for sale. Whilst you're surfing...go to Jodie's blog or shop and see what super clever aceness she has dreamed up and made for us to see and buy.



beck said...

Yay for you!! Can't wait to see you strutting around town in your fancy new t shirt. Hope all is well in your world, see you soon xo

Jodie said...

Glad it arrived safely. Hope there is less of lifes muddy bits coming your way !

Sally said...

That is terrific. You're a worthy recipient of some kindness - enjoy!