Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmasy Goodness

This year I've been completely inspired by all of you bloggers out there are super handy with the sewing machine and more so by those who pledged to not buy clothing but rather make it themselves and where possible, to make it with previously loved clothing or fabric.

Whilst I am certainly nowhere near the skill level required to be making something that I can wear, I thought I would apply the philosophy behind the pledge to the Christmas presents I intended to give.

I have felt for a while now that I had become almost clinical about Christmas gift buying.
I would ask a family member, friend etc what they would like, or I surreptitiously figured out what I thought they could be needing and I'd get it for them.

No problem there really, but, I felt I was missing the 'spirit' bit.

I decided that this year I would be giving 'bags of home made goodness'.

So, I went to many thrift shops and found 'stuff'.
Old table cloths, bed sheets, strange pieces of strapping, doilies, cotton thread, curtains...the works *.

I thought I'd try my hand at chutney making.
A lot of tears were shed owing to the mountain of onions that were chopped, so much so I resorted to wearing my daughters swimming goggles to get the job done with my fingers intact.

A squillion hours of measuring, cutting, sewing (& unpicking!) a wee bit of swearing, chopping, 'mortar and pestling', simmering, and jar sterilising later....

And Here you have...
'Bags of home made goodness'.

Inside each Home Made bag there will be an Apron, an Oven Mitt, Three jars of Chutney (a jar of Apple & Mango for curry, a jar of spicy tomato and a jar of timid tomato) and a bottle of Worm wee (for the garden's consumption - I must remember put that on the label!)

So there it is, my Christmas bags of home made goodness.
The sewing is far from perfect, in fact each sewn item has it's own special 'nuance'!
But I am really happy with them all.
There's a bit less landfill now (hopefully) and I feel like I am 'giving'.
And that makes me feel ace.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, stay safe.


* All fabrics were washed once they arrived at Pippiwillow


yardage girl said...

Welcome back to blogland! Your bags of goodness/goodies are wonderful - the idea, the execution and the loveliness. Have a very merry christmas and brill new year! Nic xx

MiM said...

how gorgeous! you have certainly been busy. they look wonderful. I have been very slack and am leaving it very late *eep* have a lovely christmas x

Sally said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. 'Bags of goodness' just doesn't seem enough - perhaps bags of super wonderful loving goodness would be more apt.
I am so impressed with your efforts - theres a lot of hours gone into those bags. Very generous gifts indeed.
I am however a little disappointed that you didn't post a photo of you cutting onions wearing your daughter's swimming goggles!!!

Gina said...

Peta, don't think for a moment that you aren't an amazing inspiration yourself!

I am so awed by the bags of goodness you are giving. They are generous, thoughtful, practical and personal all at once. I LOVE the fact that you have used thrifted items and materials for everything. I talk the talk but actually find it hard to give handmade gifts, and especially ones with recycled elements (unless I know it's someone who 'understands'!).

Having said that, last Christmas I went handmade for everything and the appreciation was genuine. This year I only need to make one adult present (Kris Kringle) and that's done, but the plans I had for handmaking stuff for the boys have gone completely out the window.

Sorry, long comment, but what a great post, so good to see what you've been up to.

Karen said...

What a great gift - you've been working very hard.
Would love you to have included a goggles pic with the post - just the thought of it made me laugh!

Miss Muggins said...

Just brilliant. well done!

Kate said...

You should feel ace! They are wonderful!

rachel said...

Good on you. So very inspiring.

I know just what you mean about gift giving becoming clinical. Wish lists are very specific with some family members, sometimes I just feel like a personal shopper.

I'm going to take a leaf from your book (next year!).

Dragonfly said...

Wow - great job! I'm sure you're ready to wear your own fashion masterpieces! Your work is excellent :-)

snowflakes4sam said...

Fantastic Christmasy goodie bags Mrs. You have certainly been making good use of your time. Can't wait to catch up and have a look in person. Sam x

Treacle Beak said...

Peta, your home-made Christmas pressies are amazing. I bet there were lots of "oohs" and "aahs" on Chrissie day from the rellies and friends.