Thursday, July 16, 2009

Calling All Crafters

Every now and then I do something very odd (more than my normal level of 'oddness').
Every now and then I am overcome & compelled to what ever it is that I, am at that point in time compelled to do.*

One such time I was at a rather large craft supply store (a store that I know many don't enjoy going to much) as it was having a 'moving shop location sale' and I was absolutely compelled to buy ridiculous amounts of Terry Towelling. Not just a metre or two, I bought the entire remaining amount left on the bolt.

Why? (because it was a bargain) I don't know! I am not able to justify my actions that day.
I was/am using a fair amount of these kinds of fabrics for another crafty endeavour but, 'bolts'? Seriously!

I have no idea what to do with this fabric. My 'ideas well' has run dry.

I have had this fabric for so long it has a dust outline. I can't look at it anymore, each time I do I am reminded of my inability to conjure up something lovely n crafty which further increases my inability to conjure up something crafty. Adding to this the Mr has 'suggested' that it be utilised or moved on to craftier pastures.

So, dear crafty community I beg of you, if you, or anyone you know has any ideas, inspiration, suggestions, plans, proposals or recommendations for this fabric PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

There's plenty here to be shared.
Thank You
* I reserve the right to, at whim act (be it shop, sew, craft, design, sing etc.) upon a compulsion.


Tania said...

Hooley Cadooley woman! You can set up a veritable terry towelling factory of crafty goodness. Afraid I'm suffering from brain fade at this moment, so all I can think of is a much beloved terry tracksuit I spent much of some formative years in. No? The pants had elastic around the ankles?

OK. Maybe I'll get back to you on that one...

Jodie said...

oh , I was think terry backed baby bibs - until I relaised the amount you had !!!
That would be a lot of bibs....
Maybe those little hooded wrap things for kidlets when they get out of the bath?????

The texture might be nice for toys ???

Amy (badskirt) said...

So it's you that cornered the market on terry towel. I went to Lincraft today to buy some and they don't sell it (no kidding, I blogged about it!). A woman queued up next to me and asked for terry toweling as well! You could get rich, it's in hot demand in Sydney!

Anonymous said...

I would love a hooded beach dress for my girls to put on after a day at the beach - or swimming lesson!!! So if you make it.....!!!

Sandrine said...

Yes I was suggesting hooded beach dresses, you could make some with some pretty appliques and put them on esty...I am sure you would get some orders;)In Australia so many children go to Swimming lessons...Good luck;)