Thursday, July 23, 2009

Terry Towelling Pants..

Well now, I wasn't exactly inundated with ideas for the Terry Towelling but for those who did offer up a suggestion or two I am grateful and will endeavour to make some of them (and the offer still stands should you want some).

Now, I get to show you all why I am not friends with my sewing machine and why I am trying to work on our relationship.

Like all great relationships communication is the key. Open, clear, effective communication. The problem is though, I don't speak sewing machine and I don't think that the machine speaks frustrated non sewing machine using- potty mouth either.

All in all for a girl that hand sews and needle felts, who doesn't know how to read a 'pattern' (and wants to know why you don't get instructions with them) I think these pants turned out reasonably well.

I realise I have a significant challenge ahead of me in order to improve my sewing skills but who knows, the next pair of duds may even have a straight 'bot' pocket, even width legs that don't clean the floor as Miss M swans about in her "crazy pants"!

Got to start somewhere though hey?

'Twas nice to have Miss M sidle on up to me and say "Mummy, I lub my crazy pippiwillow pants".

The ambience of feeling pleased with myself (errors and all) and the palpable appreciation (squeezing cuddle being given to me) was shattered by the following request, "but next time can you make me a skirt and a dress and some socks and a fairy dress that's got wings and orange pippi'-pants with front pockets at the side and two bot pockets on my bot"......Whoa there little Miss M, one disaster at a time I always say...


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

I meant to reply to your last post. When my boys were babies, they used to have the most adorable pairs of Terry Toweling shorts (like hot pants really) for the summer. They were so good on a hot day with a singlet. Maybe something like that? I can send you a photo! They were really the best! These are very cute and stylish!

Yaya said...

Hey there! Love following your blog.
I would love to buy some terry toweling from you since you have so much extra.
I want to use it for backing for some bibs that I wish to make.
I'm pretty interested in getting some dark blue, dark green, red and pink.
Let me know how much is up for grabs, and at what price.

Nikki Cardigan said...

Rather than feeling shattered by your girl's request for "next time", take it as a HUGE compliment that she is loving the pants so much, she wants you to make more!

The instruction-less patterned pants are fab. Well done for diving into the pants-making pool. See... you didn't drown!!

Anonymous said...

I think they are just what I need to dress my little one in on swimming lesson day - I was looking for some trackies but couldn't get any nice ones!!

Yaya said...

Hey there,
Thanks for visiting my blog!
My email is
Hoping to hear from you soon...