Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Family

Recently I read a post that asked the question "what makes a family". I posted my response in the appropriate section and merrily went on my blog hopping way.

That question and the thoughts that come with it began rattling about my head again recently as I was asked to make 'a family' of dolls for a friend.

I replied to my friend "I'd love to but, what does 'a family' mean to you? "

My friends response was beautiful and inclusive of all but, she said, "I can't fit everyone in the dolls house so could you just make a Dad, a Mum, a boy and a girl and a dog please".

So I did.

To keep this great dialogue going.....What does ' a family mean to you'?


Nikki Cardigan said...

Your doll family are gorgeous. I love how they start way toooo skinny then become people that look good enough to cuddle!

To me, family are the people who you think of before yourself. That doesn't mean I always put them first (yes, put away that angelic, mother of the year award...!!!) but my family influence and impact on everything I do. They are that important to me.

Sandrine said...

Ohh that is a Bonne question my dear!!!I like to think that my family is the people that are in my heart no matter what...Your little family is quite cute a bit hard headed I guess!