Friday, September 4, 2009

Messenger Bag-MADE!

Back in July I stumbled upon some links to bag patterns thanks to Sandra.

I loved the idea of making a bag from scratch and then came the flood of thoughts of "oohh I could make all sorts of bags for the family and friends for Christmas, birthdays etc" and off I went on my imaginary bag making creative explosion.

The minor snag being that I hadn't quite made friends with the machine yet - in fact I still don't know if we are friends, but 'it' didn't sew my finger this time so I think we are making progress.

Armed with the tutorial/bag pattern of my choice 'the basic messenger bag', I went hunting for fabric.
It is my preference (where possible) to use stuff that has already had some type of a life, so I went to my local 'op-shop' and found some old upholstery fabric.
Whilst I was there I also bought 20 pre-used zips for $1.00! I am not sure why (since I don't know how to put them in), I just thought I could use them at some point in my creative future.

This is where my bag making adventure came to a halt - I got a bit scared by the whole 'following a pattern' (of sorts) idea, and the technicality of machine sewing - given that I am most comfortable with a needle in hand (for felting or hand sewing).

As always, I was encouraged by the 'sew-wise' Nikki to just 'have a go'.

So I did.

I measured, cut, interfaced (that was a whole language learning curve in itself).

Then I embellished.

This is what can happen when you sit cross legged with you embroidery on your knees as you sew!
Whilst the fabric seemed thick and strong enough I worried about the general shape of the bag once it was loaded up with the secret business of woman.
Upon discussing this issue with Nikki-sew-wise - I was sent a link for a bag base tutorial using template plastic.

For this I am very grateful to both Nikki's.

So here it is my very first bag.

As I was so pleased with my attempts so far I thought I push it a bit further...I added on a zip!

Ta Da!

I am ridiculously proud of it - and grateful the machine didn't bite me again!.



Nikki Cardigan said...

You soooo should be ridiculously proud Pete! Wowzers... your bag is awesome. From the thrifted fabric (and 50 million zips!!!) to the grogeous embroidery you did on your leg, I mean on the front!!! I LOVE IT!

Oh, and I think you and the machine are way more than just friends!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Oh yes very worthwhile pride . You've done a great job !

Sandrine said...

Great job and of course you should be proud of it Madam!I particularly like the design you sewn on it reminds me of all the great trees around covered with blooms at the moment.

Treacle Beak said...

What a great achievement Peta! Wear your new bag proudly ... you and your sewing machine are definitely becoming bosom buddies.

MiM said...

hey its absolutely gorgeous! Love the embellishments.. You have inspired me to try one! my bag making skills are somewhat lacking :)

snowflakes4sam said...

Great to see all that work time being used constructively. The bag is fantastic and very springy.

Larissa said...

Jealous of your thrifted zipper score. well, chest thumps to you for getting over your fear of the sewing machine (I've never sewn my finger, but that sounds REALLY BAD, something I'd like to avoid). I'm so delighted you could use the bag tutorial and your results are something to be worn with pride. Loving the embroidery on the flap. I HAVE sewn a project to my pants before, so I was totally with you on that one.