Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tea Set Luck

Quite a while ago now I stumbled across a great blog called Dragonfly Interiors I was lucky enough to find it on the day they were having a 'give away'.

'Uber' lucky as it turned out as, I won this oh so lovely tea set.

My daughter still thinks it it for her to 'play' with and can't quite understand why I say that "at this point it is mine to 'play' with".

Thanks again to both Karen and Patsy.

Head over to Karen's blog or web site to see the great items that she imports from both Vietnam and Thailand.

Items such as these and many many more.

With Karen's dragonfly obsession in mind I made her this.....

And Patsy will get this.....

and I clearly need a new 'chuck it in the bag handy camera as this wee one no longer will focus!

Have a great day.


*** Apologies for earlier posting without checking to see if it had all 'worked'...


Dragonfly said...

Oooooh Peta, you're the sweetest!! Thanks so much. Patsy and I are both WILDY excited :-)
Have a lovely day and glad you are still enjoying the prize!
Cheers, Karen

Sandrine said...

Great tea set you won Peta! I can imagine how a little girl would love to make it hers;))Hope you are keeping wellxx

Dragonfly said...

Me again!!! I'm off to Vietnam in 10 days and having a massive sale before I go ... need to clear some space!! I just posted all the details and links on the blog!
Cheers, Karen

Amanda said...

Awww what sweetness...I love dragonfly's quite a beautiful set you won!!!!

Thea said...

You deserved to win. You're always so generous. If the sequins gets your little girl into crafting, so be it. So much better than them watching tv!